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Quality Control & Diamond Testing

Purchasing Procedure for Conflict Free Sourcing



Metro DBA Lavari Jewelers LLC (“Metro”) is committed to working with companies who practice conflict free sourcing.  “METRO” Jewelry annually attends the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show, a trade show in Hong Kong and will sometimes show interest in new vendors.


All potential new vendors (Vendors) are put through a vetting and onboarding process (which will be formalized in 2019). The vetting process includes inquiring about their lab grown diamond policies and procedures as well as confirmation that their gold and silver come from LBMA compliant sources. Vendors are also asked to provide proof of any association with organizations such as RJC. Once a Vendor passes this initial phase, Vendors are brought through the full onboarding process which includes but is not limited to, where applicable – KYV, D-SRSP, and SRSP.


All Vendors (factories) that business with “METRO” have been personally visited by the Managing Director, Ari Ebrahimoff. While at the factory, “METRO” inspects their process and systems for ensuring that all diamonds invoiced as natural are in fact natural diamonds. We ensure that all invoices indicate the WDC statement as well as any other required statements as applicable.


As new policies come up in regards to sourcing the Managing Director personally contacts the directors or owners of the factory to discuss how they will implement any of these changes. A timeline is established for implementation and the Managing Director checks in on the progress regularly until the required changes are implemented in full.


These requirements are reviewed on a yearly basis when we visit the factory or meet at a trade show. Our bookkeeper monitors all invoices for the SRSP statements and will not process (pay) unless the required statements are included.