COVID-19 UPDATED: Our warehouse is closed indefinitely in complacence with the New York Mandate. We are still accepting orders and will ship them as soon as soon as we open.
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Price Match

Here’s the Deal:

  • If another retail competitor (including national brands and online prices) charges less than we do for the same type of piece, we’ll match that price.
  • If we lower our price during a return or exchange, we’ll match that lower price, if you ask us to.
  • This is just for products on the main Metro website.
  • One price match per item per customer for a pre-tax price available to all customers.
  • Just ask. It’s probably doable.

We do not price match:

  • Products shipped from or sold by third-party sellers (marketplace sellers, eBay, etc).

For more on price match, reach out to us at (347) 352-0920 or [email protected]. We’re also on chat. Whatever your style is.

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