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Medium Stainless Steel Chain Chain and Bracelet Gift Set - 9 Inch and 24 Inch

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  • TOUGH. For the type of guy who likes hard metal chains. You know what we mean. You don’t? Okay, nevermind.
  • THEY’RE MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL. Stainless steel is durable.
  • CLEAN OR DIRTY, THEY’RE BOTH EASY. If you’re the type of person who likes keeping their jewelry clean, you’ll likely enjoy how easily you can maintain your chain bracelet and necklace. If not, it’s even easier to do nothing.
  • CHANGE YOUR MIND, IF YOU WANT TO. We’ll take back your chains if you don’t like them and tell us in the first 30 days. Promise.
  • GIVE THE BOX AWAY. We think you’ll probably like these chains, which is why we recommend giving the box set to somebody else. Just think of it like you’re wearing the chains on their body. Something like that.


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Here’s the deal with The Curb.


  • On your wrist. And neck.
  • On your friend’s wrist. And neck (we call that a gift).
  • While living your best life.


  • It’s a bracelet. And a necklace.
  • They’re heavy, so when you pick up your arm or neck, it’ll be a different weight from what your arm or neck normally is. Then, you can take your bracelet or necklace off and your arm or neck will be back to normal, but also, at the same time, different.
  • You can wear them.
  • You can even wear them if you’re not the type of guy who wears chains. Will you, as a result, become the type of guy who wears chains? Sorry, we can’t help you there.
  • They’re durable. And tough. Like you. Are you tough? Still, they’re made of stainless steel.


What’s The Curb?

  • A heavy stainless steel bracelet that you can wear. And a necklace.

Oh, cool.

  • Yeah.


  1. Take the bracelet off your wrist (if it’s on your friend’s wrist, they can take care of this part). Same for the necklace and necks.
  2. Wipe down the piece with a damp towel that has warm water and mild soap on it.
  3. Put the bracelet back on your wrist. Or necklace on your neck. Or somebody else’s. Or don’t.

Pro-Tip: Get a good night’s sleep so you’ll be prepared for the day. Unrelated to The Curb, just helpful.

Okay, you’re ready to buy The Curb now. If you’re interested.


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