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Chains And The Blazers That Love Them: A Metro Unabridged Guide

Sup. We both know why you’re here, so we’ll cut right to the chase. A blazer and a chain go together like peanut butter and jelly. They go together like you, and a blazer-and-chain look. But how to pick the best blazers for you, and the best chains? Fear not. As a brand, Metro might not be great for heart to heart talks or gooey romantic stuff, but we can deliver when it comes to giving you the lowdown on what blazers go with which chains. Don’t like the way we lay it down? Then you can always just do whatever you want. 


Here we have five blazers and five chains specifically curated for you by our team of fashion ninjas. We’ve poured billions of dollars into research and development to pair these five blazer and chain looks for your viewing pleasure. If you happen to have any of these exact blazers, then you’re all set, as soon as you order the chain of ours that goes with it. If you don’t happen to own any of these blazers, you can make it work with something that looks a lot like one of them. We’ve picked a wide array of blazers for you so you can get an idea of what kind of style can go with any given look. Use these as rules of thumb and you can take your whole wardrobe and start accessorizing like a pro. 

Crisp. Casual. Curb.

Hugo Boss Slim Fit Linen Blend Jacket + The Curb


A more casual blazer situation is usually best suited to a linen fabric. We don’t make the rules here, you do–but in general, the point of a linen blazer is to chill while still looking fine. The curb chain is a great way to accessorize with the linen blazer because its bigger, more ostentatious links are a playful complement to the casual look of this jacket. They fit together to create balance in the outfit. You can throw a hat or your bossest watch on this outfit to make the perfect man-about-town chill look. The vibe people will get from this look is that you’re a fashionisto who’s currently only at 5/10 in terms of effort–but your 5/10 is better than most people’s 10/10. 


The great thing about pairing a casual blazer with a high-key chain is the sense of contrast it produces. A high key blazer and a high key chain would probably be a lot for the eye, especially since men’s fashion is more about a look that all goes together rather than flashy stuff like the ladies wear. The color of this linen blazer supports the gold by making it blend in with the fabric more than it would with a darker suit. Likewise, a silver chain might not look good because it would blend in too much–you’d barely even notice a silver chain with a light blazer like this. The gold is in the sweet spot, and when you see how people react to this outfit you’ll really be able to tell. 

Wheat and Wool.

Banana Republic Slim Solid Italian Wool Suit Jacket + The Wheat


Italian suits look good with understated jewelry; our Wheat chain will make this blazer look its best by adding just a hint of silver to the look. This is a more formal style of blazer that you can wear to work or a networking event. The difference between this and the linen is that the chain is smaller and less obtrusive to complement the fact that the suit is sharper. The general rule is that the chains can get more high-key as the blazer gets nicer, but then there’s considerations to be made for colors and size too. For instance, The Curb with this blazer would be a more stand-out look than this one, which is the kind of look where everything seamlessly blends together.


This is probably the most formal look we have here, and it’ll work for you in most formal settings (except for maybe the Oscars and other tux territory events). The black and silver look isn’t as strong a contrast as black and gold, but you can bet people will notice it. The formal look is where you really want to pick a metal and material that pop each other out so everyone will turn their heads to take it in. Other settings might be a time to look sharp without anything really sticking out of your outfit, but formal outfits are for peacocking, my dude. 

Time Out: Metals and Colors

In general, lighter blazers like the linen above look good with gold curb chains, while a black blazer like the Italian wool might be better with silver that will stand out. It’s a bit of a toss-up though, because the difference in link size, chain length, etc. will be their own factors in these calculations. A good rule of thumb is that a lighter color of blazer will go with gold because they’ll both be on the same color wavelength. A gold chain stands out more with a darker blazer than a steelone does, so that’s a stronger statement to make. Since men’s fashion is more focused on creating a cohesive and understated look than women’s fashion is, gold with black is more selectively used. Gray and gold is more cohesive together, since the whole palette is lighter in that case. 


When you think of the contrast between black and gold versus the contrast between gray and gold, it’s clearly a less harsh one with gray and gold, right? That’s not to say if you’re going for a sharp contrast that makes your chain stand out you shouldn’t do it. More like that’s the kind of situation where you’re making a departure from this rule of thumb. If you’re not specifically trying to make your chain the centerpiece of what you’re doing with an outfit, it’s best to choose a metal that’s cohesive with your suit.

Pinstripe, Foxtail.

Topman Tailored Pinstripe Suit Jacket + The Fox


One thing that might be a no-brainer to most people is that a suit with a noticeable pattern should be paired with a chain whose pattern isn’t that noticeable. Blazers like this pinstripe are hard to accessorize for just that reason, since many accessories are just too busy for a pattern like this. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with this low-key but stylish chain. A foxtail chain isn’t the kind of thing that will distract from your pinstripes, your plaids, or any other pattern you could go for. Foxtails are great because they have a pattern if you look close, but it kind of all blends seamlessly together. 


The foxtail won’t be a chain that distracts from the real emphasis of your look. It acts as a supporting element, which is great for a patterned blazer like a pinstripe. Again, this is following the basic pattern of balancing. If your suit is the focus of your outfit, then the chain should be a support, and if the blazer is low-key, then the chain can go nuts. Formal outfits are best when they have a focal point, so we carry chains that can play the leader or the follower in your style.

Solid Colors, Solid Box Chain.

Bonobos Stretch Cotton Chore Blazer + The Box


Colored blazers are great for the summer, since they give you a sharp look that still stands out among the brighter shades of the season. Basically, in the summer everything is brighter, so men’s fashion can go brighter too. The bright blue of this jacket might look a little out of place in the winter when everything is cold and grey, but a garden party with flowers and trees everywhere would look great as an accessory to this blazer. The great thing about a colored blazer is that you can accessorize a chain with a more noticeable pattern to it. Colored blazers are great as backgrounds, since they can take a more stand-out piece and give it something to stand out against. Again, it’s all about balance.


The box chain is great, but you really need to find the right outfit to make it sing as part of your wardrobe. A solid color is perfect for this purpose: it gives you a background that the box can stand out against, and it doesn’t complicate things with a pattern that could interrupt the viewer’s appreciation of the square design of the chain. More than almost any other pairing on this list, the box chain and the solid colored jacket are a match made in heaven. A box against a solid background is a great choice for outdoor summer events, especially celebrations like weddings and Fourth of July. After all, it’s summer! Lighten up, man!

I'm A Seersucker for a Rolo Chain.

Uniqlo Lightweight Seersucker Jacket + The Links


This seersucker blazer from Uniqlo is a light color and a low-key material that makes it easy to accessorize a more flashy chain with it. A darker seersucker would change the type of chain you’d wear with it, but in general this soft fabric is a great jumping off point for a harder necklace. This rolo chain has a design that’s not the flashiest one we have but that tends to be more noticeable than most. The seersucker’s pattern is there, don’t get us wrong, but it isn’t unbalancing the outfit. This is a combination of mild patterns that create the same kind of balance that an extreme pattern and a low-key solid color make together. See how that works? It’s one more way to create the intricate dance of chain and blazer. 


The great thing about the seersucker is that it gives you a pattern in the material’s style without a pinstripey pattern of different colors. That gives you a base that sets off the rolo chain without it being an interruption to the necklace. Each part of this outfit is at 50-50, but then it totals out to 110%, my dude.

You Got This.

Well, that’s our show. We said we’d show you five blazers and the chains that love them, and that’s exactly what we did. You can’t say that we at Metro don’t keep our promises. You might not literally have these blazers and these chains, but the cases in point we’ve given you in this article hopefully give you a better idea of how it works in general. Plus, now that you know the rules, you’ll have a better idea of how to break them when you feel like it. After all, as a Metro man you’re not exactly someone who plays by the rules. 


Like we keep saying, the relationship between a blazer and a chain is a dynamic conversation. The blazer’s gotta be romancing the chain, it’s gotta be a tango that takes two. Otherwise, it’s just two pieces that are existing together without complementing each other or making the outfit more than the sum of its parts. Use these pairings and others like them to make your chains and blazers into power couples instead of just marriages of convenience. If you keep in mind that an outfit is an outfit, not just a bunch of clothes hanging out together, you can make your #looks even more #lookier than they were before. Now, we have nothing more to teach you, grasshopper. 

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